Capillus272 Laser Light Cap Hair Loss solutionThe Capillus272 is a non-surgical, non-invasive, portable approach to hair loss. With the latest technological advancements in low level laser light therapy you can now treat your hair hair loss while at home, or on the go.  That’s right, for thicker, healthier hair. The Capillus272 is simple to use, and takes advantage of the same FDA cleared technologies used int he in-office dome devices.  No longer are you tethered to an outlet on the wall.  You can use the Capillus while shopping, on the links, in your car, at work or at home while enjoying watching TV or in the yard.Order the Capillus272 Today

The Capillus272 is a low-level light therapy portable device that fits securely on your head, under any cap or hat of your choice. It is powered by a battery pack that clips to any belt or pant waist, allowing mobility and ability to go about your normal daily activities during use. It features 272 lasers at a low power wattage of 5mW and wavelength of 650 nm – which for its red color – and according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, is the laser light used for treatment of pattern hair loss in both men and women.

The Capillus272 uses the same laser diode wavelength (650 nm) and output power per laser diode (5mW) as the low-level laser comb for hair regrowth with FDA-clearance. The difference is in total power output; the FDA-cleared laser comb device features only 9 lasers, versus the 272 lasers offered with the Capillus272 device allowing for more coverage, simultaneously.  The cap also provides more coverage on the temple area due to a deeper fit than other less powerful devices on the market.