A Holiday Story About Hair and Hope

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A while ago I was waiting for a routine doctor's appointment. The waiting room was filled with mostly older people and while it is usually a quiet place; on this day it was anything but. One woman had two small children running wild and making quite a mess out of [...]

Hair loss in Women of a certain age

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Hair Loss in Women - Thinning Hair Most women (of any age) pride themselves on their appearance. Whether rich and famous like Helen Mirren or the woman next door, you can experience thinning hair. Hair follicles get smaller and smaller as we age and produce fine hairs that can't be [...]

Laser Hair Therapy – Is it Right for You?

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Laser Hair Therapy – Is it Right for You? As the leading providers of Nebraska hair restoration services we often hear from hair loss sufferers who are seeking a non-invasive yet effective solution, many of whom are excited to learn of the benefits of laser hair therapy. If you, or [...]

Female Pattern Baldness

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Female Pattern Baldness? Most of us have heard of the term male pattern baldness, but what about female pattern baldness? That’s right, pattern baldness a condition that impacts both men and women. In fact, 40% of hair loss suffers in the Unites States are women. The leading cause of hair [...]