3 Habits to Break Today that Can Lead to Hair Loss

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If you have begun notice excess strands of hair in your shower drain or brush, you may mistakenly believe that you have no control over your advancing hair loss. But thinning hair isn’t just due to aging, in some cases your lifestyle choices may actually be contributing factors. If you [...]

Nourish Your Hair with a Healthy Diet

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Are you noticing that your hair is finer and more brittle than it once was? Perhaps you’re watching your hairline recede. While there are no simple dietary tricks that will make your hair miraculously fuller and thicker, your nutrition definitely has an effect on the health and vitality of your [...]

Laser Hair Therapy – Is it Right for You?

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Laser Hair Therapy – Is it Right for You? As the leading providers of Nebraska hair restoration services we often hear from hair loss sufferers who are seeking a non-invasive yet effective solution, many of whom are excited to learn of the benefits of laser hair therapy. If you, or [...]

Female Pattern Baldness

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Female Pattern Baldness? Most of us have heard of the term male pattern baldness, but what about female pattern baldness? That’s right, pattern baldness a condition that impacts both men and women. In fact, 40% of hair loss suffers in the Unites States are women. The leading cause of hair [...]