Picture of man wearing hair replacement systemIt’s not easy when choosing a hair replacement studio. There are a lot of possible options, so most of us need some guidance in order to choose costs, quality, options, length of time in the business, incentives, etc. Knowing all of your options in advance will help you to make up your mind.

Choose the program to match your specific hair loss type

Far too many people choose an option based on the limited options being presented by a studio that may only offer two or three options. Make sure you go to a studio that offers all of the proven hair replacement options available. This way you can be sure that you are provided the one or even many options that best fit your specific hair loss needs. Not all hair loss is the same, nor are the options.

You also want to make sure your service is backed up by guarantees. Don’t be talked into signing a long term contract until you feel you completely understand what it is you are getting into. Ask questions, lots of questions. After all this is a life changing event, one you will live with each and everyday.

Your Options

When choosing a solution it’s important to decide, which one is best for you.

Your consultant will be able to determine your specific type of hair loss, explain to your what options are best, why, the cost and the time involved to achieve your expectations.
Hair Restoration WomanHere are a few of the various options for hair restoration and hair replacement:

  • Surgical Hair Transplantation (also referred to as a hair transplant, FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant, FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction, or Strip Method)
  • Non Surgical Hair Replacement (Also known as a hair system, Toupee, Rug, or Hair Piece)
  • Low Level Laser Light Therapy (Also referred to as LLLLT and/or Laser Hair Therapy)
  • Hair Extensions (These come in all shapes, sizes, lengths etc.)
  • Hair Loss Control Products (Also referred to as hair re-growth products)
  • Pharmaceutical * Hair Loss Products (Known to most as Minoxidil, Propecia, or Finasteride and Rogaine)

* Like any pharmaceutical’s there may be side effects, and other interactions with other medications and or conditions.  You should always consult with your Primary Care Physician before starting any pharmaceutical product.

Costs and Possible financing

What are the costs?  Can you afford them?  Can you qualify for financing?  These are all great questions and ones that should be discussed during your evaluation and consultation.  This is not just a simple hair cut and shampoo.  You are about to make a decision that will transform your life, make you look and feel younger, and most of all bring back your confidence.