Christina Garner

About Us

Hair Specialists was first full service hair restoration clinic in Nebraska. The HAIR SPECIALIST constantly strives to give you the freedom to choose the best solution that will absolutely be the best is for you, your lifestyle, and budget.

Whether you are just beginning to experience some hair loss or are in most advanced stages of natural or medically-related hair loss, Hair Specialists can help with our full spectrum programs for male and female hair loss treatments and solutions.

In 1987 Mr. Don O’Neal brought 16 years of experience to Lincoln Nebraska and opened the Nebraska’s first hair replacement studio Brannigan’s Hair Replacement . Don strived to offer cutting edge of hair loss solutions for both men and women.  In 2005 Chris Garner purchased Brannigan’s  from Mr. O’Neal and changed the name to Hair Specialists . Chris had over 12 year of experience when she took over Hair Specialists and 10 years under the apprenticeship of Mr. O’Neal.  Chris has made it her mission to take on Mr. O’Neal’s values of bringing the cutting technology to Nebraska.  The Hair Specialists staffs is licensed cosmetologists and are educated on the latest trends and techniques, they strive for extraordinary customer service and sales.



WE’RE HERE TO HELP. If you have any questions or need hair replacement information please contact us. Please rest assured we take your confidentiality very seriously. If you would like to stop in to talk to us about your specific hair loss issues, please call ahead so we can give you 100% of our attention.