Thinning hair can be a very difficult problem. Some individuals feel that going bald is just a natural part of life and embrace it.  Others will be more pro-active and want to do something about it.  The hair professionals at The Hair Specialists are there to help you in getting all of the necessary facts and assist you in navigating the many options that make up hair retention, restoration and replacementPicture of male pattern baldness


Woman with Thinning Hair

Once you have made the choice to be pro-active regarding your thinning hair and hair loss, you should come in for a complimentary assessment. You will get all of your questions answered while being informed to the cost relevant to the necessary course of therapy or hair replacement options required and then the choice is in your hands.



If you choose that The Hair Specialists is the best fit for you, you will be placed into an atmosphere of the highest level of client support.  You dignity, and our discretion is of the utmost importance to us to uphold.  The Hair Specialists team of professionals will be your guide as you navigate through this process.


It is our sole focus to help you achieve the best outcome possible. The solutions we offer have all been scientifically proven and developed to meet and or exceed your hair replacement and restoration.

We are there for you.