Pre-Operative Care for Your Hair Transplant Procedure

Before you arrive here at The Hair Specialists for your hair transplant procedure, there are a few important steps you can take.

Hair-Transplant-Surgeon-With-PatientA hair transplant procedure is a surgical procedure and some pre-operative steps should be taken to assure the best possible results of your procedure:

  • If at all possible, please refrain from taking any blood thinners such as aspirin, for a week prior to your procedure
  • You will need to have a nice sized hat on hand for covering your head out of doors for a few days following your procedure
  • Please discontinue smoking of any kind a week before your procedure and do not resume until at least a week after the procedure
  • You  can eat a light breakfast the morning of your procedure
  • The morning of your procedure you should take a bath or shower and wash your hair thoroughly using regular shampoo. After shampooing, please make sure to rinse thoroughly and use a fresh clean towel to dry your hair.  Refrain from applying any products to your hair.  It is best to wear some sort of hat or cap after you dry your hair to keep the clean hair free of dirt and other foreign objects
  • Please choose a button down shirt for the day of the procedure, not a t-shirt or garment that covers you completely
  • A local anesthesia is used for the surgery, so some drowsiness can be expected.  Be sure to make some transportation arrangements well before the scheduled dat of your surgery.  If you do not have someone to drive you to and from the clinic, please mention this to your image consultant and arrangements can be made
  • One more tip that will help your surgery go even smoother is some light scalp massaging of the donor area in the back of your head.  Try this massaging with both hands a few times a day several days prior to your procedure, as this will help increase the blood supply in the scalp area



This is a list of just a few of the pre-operative steps you will need to take prior to your hair transplant procedure.  Your image consultant will provide you with a complete set of pre and post operative instructions to insure that your hair transplant experience is comfortable and stress free.  Please feel free to call your image consultant with any questions before or after your transplant procedure.
We are here to help before, during and after.