Capillus272 is a non-surgical, portable laser hair therapy approach to hair loss.  The Capillus272 uses a combination of treatments to help achieve thicker, healthier hair. The Capillus272 is simple to use, and its portable.  You can use Capillus in your home, car on the links or out on the town. There are many hair loss solutions that help prevent, restore, or even reverse hair loss. These hair loss therapies include shampoos & topical solutions, prescription medications, in office and home based laser therapy, and hair transplantation. The Capillus272 is the most advanced and latest technology that takes a completely non-invasive approach to treating hair loss that uses a combination of approaches and is supervised by our physicians. We take a personalized approach to your hair loss needs, reviewing each’s individual hair history.Buy-Laser-Capillus272-LLLT-Device

We use the most powerful laser device for thinning hair, the Capillus272, which uses low-level light therapy (lllt) to stimulate the blood flow to the hair follicles for thicker, fuller, healthier hair. The Capillus272 portable device can be used at home or while carrying on with your day, without disrupting your routine. The Capillus272 lasers are hard at work under your cap, while you go about your days activities.

Call us today to order your Capillus272 laser device.  Supplies are limited, so don’t wait.  The Capillus272 retails for $3000, this includes starter hair regrowth product and we can taylor a program just for you that includes periodic scalp treatments.

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you healthy?
  • Is your hair finer or thinner than it once was?
  • Have you changed the way you style your hair in order to conceal your thinning or hair loss?
  • Have you found more hair than normal on your pillow, brush or shower drain?
  • If you tie a ponytail, is the circumference of the ponytail smaller than it was before?
  • In the part down the middle of your scalp, does the width of the part show more scalp than normal?
  • Have members of your immediate or extended family, male or female, experienced hair loss?
  • Have you sought professional or other advice for your hair?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are a candidate for the Capillus272 Laser Cap.


Hair Loss in Women

Capillus272 Laser Cap for Women

An easy portable solution for Treating Hair Loss

Do you find yourself styling your hair in order to conceal an increasingly wider part? Do you spend hours in front of the mirror to give the appearance of more volume to your thinning hair? Are you afraid of washing and styling your hair for fear that more hair will fall out? Do you find more and more hairs on your brush after combing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Millions of women across the world, over 30 million in the United States alone, battle with hair loss each and every day and they feel ashamed by it.

Well you no longer have to put up with hair loss anymore. The Capillus272 offers the best and most viable option for women to address their thinning hair. The low-level light therapy (LLLT) cap provides an alternative for women battling hair loss and hair thinning that is non-invasive, affordable, portable and easy to use.

The Capillus272 uses the same innocuous technology – light therapy – to evenly apply monochromatic red laser light at 650 nm in wavelength to the affected area of hair loss on the head. We bring the power of an in-office dome, such as the FDA-approved devices used in studio — to your home, car our just walking about. We make LLLT attractive and convenient.


Hair Loss in Men


Capillus272 for Men


A Practical Way to Prevent Hair Loss on the go.

Did you know that hair loss affects 50% of men by age 50. All the statistics in the world still do not make losing your hair any easier to accept. Nor should should you have to accept it. The Capillus272 brings men a solution that is practical, affordable, portable and effective for treating your hair loss.

Your hair forms a vital element of your individual physical appearance. Changes in your hair, including its loss, can have correspondingly profound effects on interpersonal reactions and on your self image, your confidence and self esteem. Studies that have specifically addressed the psychosocial impact of hair loss in men have shown that men with visible hair loss are perceived as older, weaker, and less physically attractive than their non-balding counterparts. Not surprisingly, such adverse social stereotyping of individuals with hair loss has a considerable impact on the quality of life, of men with hair loss. Studies confirm that the negative self-perception of hair loss by others is reflected in the psychological responses of balding men to their own condition. Using standard psychological tests, men with hair loss report experiencing distress about their hair loss, feeling less physically attractive, and having greater body image dissatisfaction than their non-balding peers.

Many men are more anxious to prevent further hair loss in the future than they are to re-grow the hair they have already lost.  This is an important point because secondary prevention, that is the prevention of further loss, is currently a more realistic treatment goal for the physician to offer. This is demonstrated by the treatments that have been or are now available.

Imagine growing thicker, fuller hair while playing a round of golf, or watching the game at home, or wring around the house.  Imaging driving to work and at the same time taking steps to stop further hair loss.  Now you can with the portable and convenient Capillus272 Laser Cap.