What is Low Level Laser Therapy and how does it work?


Laser light therapy uses the scientific principle of photo biotherapy. The process occurs when cells absorb light and repair themselves. The laser light then penetrates deep into the tissues of the scalp, stimulating blood circulation. Studies show that this cellular and sub-cellular activity breaks down the collection of the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone, or simply DHT, which is the key to stopping hair loss.

The Hair Loss Cycle

Every hair on a person’s head generally grows for a few years and then falls out. The root then rests for some time before it can begin to grow a new hair. This is a constant cycle that continues throughout our entire lives. As we get older, some people replace fewer and fewer hairs than are lost, which results in thinner hair and eventually baldness begins to occur. Your hair has always meant to fall out. Some people lose more sooner than others. But, the important thing to remember about hair loss, is that what causes baldness is when the hair does not grow back at all. This is where Low Level Laser Therapy comes into the picture.

Using Low Level Laser Therapy to Regenerate the Root

Low Level Laser Therapy is most effective when used on a regular basis to regenerate the hair’s root. This routine usage slows down, and in some cases, can reverse the hair loss cycle completely. The key to success using Low Level Laser Therapy is getting started, because once the hair’s roots have died, nothing can be done to rebuild them. So consider getting into a Low Level Laser Therapy program a proactive decision. You want to stop, or even reverse, the hair loss cycle before it’s too late!

  Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy
– Increases the blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment.
– Stimulates hair follicles.
– Stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients.
– Increases hair strength and elasticity.
– Fuller, shinier, softer, thicker hair.
– Post-operative transplant surgery, such treatments have been shown to help newly transplanted hair to thrive and increases the healing
– Repairs damage normally caused by chemical services.
– Delivers light energy directly from different positions without loss of light properties to insure appropriate dosage.

young-couple-great-hairIs Low Level Laser Therapy for everyone?

Laser Hair Therapy is typically recommended for men and women who are still in the early stages of hair loss or who have shown sufficient hair follicle loss still capable of being regenerated by the Low Level Laser Therapy program. Just remember, maintaining a full, healthy head of hair, specifically if there is a history of baldness throughout your family, the sooner you begin a laser program, the better the chances are to stop the cycle of hair loss.

Can I use Laser Hair Therapy with a hair transplant?

A resounding YES. Here at The Hair Specialists we used post operatively to promote healing, reduce scarring, and ensure a higher rate of success for transplanted follicular units. It has been proven helpful when used before and after transplant procedures to help establish new grafts and minimize shedding of transplanted hair. As your image consultant will explain, Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment should stop two weeks prior to your transplant procedure and resume at least two weeks after your procedure.

Are these benefits scientifically documented?

Hair Consultation

Yes, there have been countless studies done internationally and several more are currently being undertaken to prove that Low Level Laser Therapy works. Several recentclinical trials suggest many benefits from receiving Low Level Laser Hair Therapy treatments. For instance: A recent study showed that over 90% of laser hair therapy users achieve positive results and benefits, and more than 44% of users see noticeable results as early as the first 6 weeks. Another 45% see benefits within 6 to 12 weeks, while the remainder of users see more subtle improvements after 12 weeks of use.


If you are ready to take the next step in stopping your hair loss, call The Hair Specialists today and schedule a hair loss consultation. One of our experienced image consultants will work with you to build a custom hair loss solution for you, and only you. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help.