At The Hair Specialist we hear from men and women all of the time who are interested in hair transplant procedures. Though we are the hair transplant specialists in Lincoln, Nebraska we also offer a variety of non surgical hair loss treatment options.

Why Select a Hair System Over a Hair Transplant?Man wearing undetectable hair system

Just as the entire hair restoration industry has evolved, since its infancy, so too has surgical and non surgical hair loss treatment. Though cutting-edge hair transplant techniques have opened the doors for surgical solutions to more men and women, there are still plenty of individuals who are not candidates for hair transplant procedures. When we come across these patients we often find that they are uninterested in non surgical options. Why? Because they often fear the stigma associated with hair systems of the past.

We’ve all known a person with an unnatural looking hair system, also known as a hair piece or a toupee.  If however you are in need of a hair replacement product, and you find that you are not a candidate for a hair transplant, we urge you to consider a hair system. You will likely be shocked to learn just how natural a quality hair system can look!

The Modern Hair System

At the Hair Specialist we use only the industry’s leading hair replacement products. These state of the art solutions deliver the look and feel of natural hair, enabling you to continue living your active lifestyle. From golfing to swimming and even skydiving; no one will be the able to recognize yours as a hair system.

Created using a “second skin” base and real human hair in a natural pattern; even up close, these hair systems are virtually undetectable. Attached to your scalp with surgical grade adhesive, you will never need to worry that your hair system will move at an inopportune moment. And the best part, maintenance is easy. Simply visit the Hair Specialists Restoration Studio, based upon your predetermined schedule and step out feeling refreshed and ready to get back to your daily schedule. Between appointments you can wash and style your hair system just as you do your natural hair.

Man with hair systemGone are the days of the stigma associated with hair systems, today everyone from Hollywood stars to business leaders and politicians are opting for non surgical hair loss systems.  What are you waiting for? Stop letting your thinning hair hold you back. Contact us today (402) 464-4111 to schedule an appointment with your personal Image Consultant. As the leading non surgical and hair transplant specialists in Lincoln, Nebraska we are prepared to determine your best course of treatment.

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