Are you noticing that your hair is finer and more brittle than it once was? Perhaps you’re watching your hairline recede. While there are no simple dietary tricks that will make your hair miraculously fuller and thicker, your nutrition definitely has an effect on the health and vitality of your hair. Just as your diet has an impact on your skin, your weight and even your mental clarity, the nutrients, or lack thereof, that you put in your body will manifest in your hairline.

If you’re ready to switch up your diet for the sake of your hair, be sure and include plenty of the following in your daily diet:

Lean ProteinLean Protein

Your hair itself is made up primarily of moisture and protein, which is precisely why it’s so important to include plenty of lean protein in your diet. Lean meats contain Vitamin B12 and fish, such a salmon, contain iodine which is essential for hair health.

Fruits & VegetablesFresh Fruits and Vegetables

Packed with vitamins A, B and C, fresh fruits and vegetables deliver the nutrients your body needs to perform at an optimal level.


A great source of vitamins A, B and D, as well as calcium and protein, milk helps you maintain healthy bone density and delivers essential nutrients to the entire body; including your hair follicles. Have a lactose intolerance? Try almond or soy milk!

Nutritional SupplementsNutritional Supplements

In addition to eating a healthy diet, consider taking nutritional supplements to give your hair follicles the nourishment they need. Supplements that can improve the health of your hair include: biotin, calcium and Vitamins A, B, B12, and C.

Though shaking up your diet may have a positive impact on your hairline, it might not be enough. If you’re experiencing thinning or balding, it’s time to seek the help of a hair restoration specialist. At the Hair Specialist, we have been the leading providers of Lincoln hair restoration services for more than 40 years. Allow us to assess your hair loss and explain your options in a compassionate, no-pressure environment. Offering the very latest in hair replacement and restoration techniques, we are prepared to outline a treatment plan that will exceed your expectations.

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