Hair Loss and the Feeling of dispair.

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Is your hair thinning? Are you noticing bald spots? Are you completely bald? Are you feeling a lack of confidence and despair?  Hundreds of Thousands of people are experiencing these conditions and thousands don’t know what to do about it. Many of them look in the mirror and [...]

Hair loss in Women of a certain age

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Hair Loss in Women - Thinning Hair Most women (of any age) pride themselves on their appearance. Whether rich and famous like Helen Mirren or the woman next door, you can experience thinning hair. Hair follicles get smaller and smaller as we age and produce fine hairs that can't be [...]

Dealing with Thinning Hair

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Thinning hair can be a very difficult problem. Some individuals feel that going bald is just a natural part of life and embrace it.  Others will be more pro-active and want to do something about it.  The hair professionals at The Hair Specialists are there to help you in getting [...]