The Hair Specialists vs. Other Hair Restoration Studios

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Have you had it with sky high prices, vague answers and pushy sales people? Just because ‘You-Know-Who’ claims to be the nation’s leader in hair loss solutions does not give them the right to be so expensive or dominating.

Like many of our clients who used to be clients of ‘You-Know-Who’, you probably just want an easy, private and affordable solution with no strings attached. You may already know or maybe you’re just finding out, that these solutions do not have to be so expensive. Well, then why are they?

Are you fed up of being locked into long-term contracts? Why does the hair loss solution or quality of the hair system alone not keep you from going back? Why do the “big” hair restoration studios need such confusing contracts?

On top of all this, dealing with pushy sales people that talk in circles and getting vague, indirect answers to your questions is the last thing you need.

Isn’t it time for a change?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then it is most certainly time for a change!

The Hair Specialists Restoration Studio has already helped former ‘You-Know-Who’ customers realize that hair loss treatments and hair systems can be done right, look natural, be affordable and easy right from the very beginning.  We only have your best interests in mind at all times and want you to look and feel great with your new hair.  So if you are an unsatisfied member of one of the ‘You-Know-Who’ clubs, make a change and call The Hair Specialists Restoration Studio today for a free, no-obligation consultation.