The Proper Care and Feeding For Your Hair System

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Caring for your Hair Piece

Washing Your Hair

Properly caring for and maintaining your hair piece is the best way to ensure that it will continue to give you the look of healthy, natural hair. Modern hair pieces are designed to stand up to your active lifestyle. At the Hair Specialist we encourage our clients to continue participating in their favorite activities without fear of damaging their hair pieces. We do however ask that they complete some regular maintenance, just as they do with their naturally growing hair.

If you have invested in a hair piece, we encourage you to get back to your active lifestyle and simply take the following steps to protect the integrity of your hair piece:

Shampooing Your Hair

Regularly shampooing your hair piece will keep it looking healthy, shinny and clean. We recommend shampooing, with one of our shampoo treatments, 1-2 times a week in order to replenish your hair pieces natural oils. We do however recommend washing your natural hair as often as you would like.

When washing your hair piece, brush the hair from the crown forward, with the sides and back going down. Run the shower water through your hair in the same direction, ensuring that water flow is always in the same direction. This will prevent tangling and breakage. Use a dime size drop of shampoo and  emulsify in palms of your hands until you form a rich lather. Massage the shampoo in the same direction the hair has been brushed and rinsed, never scrub the hair!

Conditioning Your Hair

Conditioning will help lock in moisture and prevent the breakdown of the hair. Use a dime size drop of conditioner as well. Take the time to emulsify in the palms of your hands, and one again apply the conditioner in the same direction as you initially brushed it. Don’t allow the conditioner to come into contact with the base of your hair piece as it can breakdown bonding and knots. Be careful not to under or over rinse the conditioner from your hair piece.

Drying Your Hair

Once shampooing and conditioning is complete, drying your hair piece is simple. Blot the hair piece by pressing down on it with a towel. Allow your body temperature to come down before brushing. This will keep you from breaking down the bond. Spray in some leave-in conditioner, brush gently from the crown forward, and down from the sides and back.

Washing Your HairMale Hair Care

If your hair piece is removable you will once again need to brush it before washing. Be sure and brush forward from the crown and down from the back and sides. Use luke warm water to dampen the hair. Once wet, apply a dime size drop of shampoo in the direction you have brushed your hair piece. Rinse in the same direction. You will then need to work a dime to a nickel size drop of conditioner through the hair piece in the same direction. Rinse thoroughly and roll the hair piece up in a towel, in the same direction. Press down on the piece, to soak up any excess water in the towel.

It’s that simple! In a matter of minutes your hair piece will be clean and ready to style. It is a good idea to use a leave-in conditioner daily to hydrate your hair piece.

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