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Christoffels and Company LogoChristoffels & Company has brought state of the art follicular hair transplantation to the Lincoln, Nebraska area. When you walk through our doors you can be assured you are seeing the very best in the industry. With 30 years of experience in the hair loss industry and a state of the art facility there is no longer a need to travel elsewhere. Hair Specialist has achieved International recognition by the National Hair Loss Journal.

Hair transplantation is a permanent method of restoring hair. Once a hair has been transplanted it grows for life. With micro-surgical hair transplants the process of hair growth is not altered, therefore resulting in a completely natural and undetectable look.
Hair transplants can also be effective in concealing visible scars that result from face-lifts, brow-lifts, and other scars on the head. Dr. Robert Reese, Board Certified Surgical Hair Restoration Surgeon combines his surgical and artistic experience to give you life-changing results.

Skill, Artistry, Technique and Teamwork

Doctor Robert Reese, MD

Doctor Robert Reese, MD


The decision to take action against hair loss can be, for some individuals, a difficult one. By choosing the most qualified hair restoration expert, the decision becomes an easier one to make.

However, no surgeon can achieve this goal alone. Hair transplantation, perhaps more that any other surgical procedure, depends on the assistance of skilled medical personnel in a ‘team’ framework.