Will Prince William Really Be Bald When He Takes the Throne?

Prince William Hair Loss

This is a question that many royal watchers have been asking for years. The 32 year old prince has been displaying signs of male pattern baldness for years now. When reviewing the Windsor family’s lineage, many of William’s elder relatives are bald or balding including: Prince Charles, Prince Edward and Prince Phillip. This just goes to show that even “prince charming” himself is not free of the stress of male pattern baldness.

Prince William has been a media darling since Prince Charles and Dianna first shared him with the world 32 years ago. He and his bride Catherine have certainly receive plenty of attention in recent years as the world watched them wed and welcome their son Prince George last summer. With all eyes on Prince William, the headlines have not always been kind. Plenty of news outlets have featured his receding hair line, noting the speed at which the young royal is losing his hair. In fact, many are predicting that he will lose all of his hair by the time he takes the throne.

British Royal Crown

What do you think? Will Prince William experience pattern baldness by the time he is crowned King? Should the media leave the topic alone?

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