Hair Specialist of Lincoln Nebraska has been recognized for some time as Nebraska’s number one most effective, accessible and affordable male and female hair restoration studio.

In order to demonstrate just what’s possible with the latest cutting-edge hair loss treatments, Hair Specialist has chosen to share a selection of inspiring success stories from some of its most recent customers. Hair loss in women has the potential to be uniquely devastating and life-affecting, though with the help of those who specialize in treating female hair loss can also be slowed, often even reversed.womens hair replacement

New Hair, New Confidence

“Hair loss affected my confidence, it affected my work, it affected relationships, it was a really an awful thing to suffer. There’s such a difference in my confidence and the way I feel about myself. In work, going out and all those things, it’s made a world of difference. My confidence levels when I have a beautiful head of hair, they’re just through the roof. Advanced Hair have definitely delivered on their promise to give me a full head of hair. It just feels amazing, looks amazing and I love it.”
– Samantha, South Lincoln, Nebraska

Our Female Hair Loss team fully understands how hair strength, fullness, health and appearance in general play important roles in self-esteem and day-to-day self-confidence. There will always be cases of female hair loss that cannot be prevented, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, there’s so much that can be done to dramatically improve or even eliminate the problem entirely.

Incredible Results, Life-Changing Outcomeswomen's hair loss solutions
“I realized my hair was getting really thin and the color was different. I had a lot of hair loss. Once I did the treatment the change was just so visible, I’m just so much happier and when I look in the mirror I just see what I want to see. I can really feel the difference and my friends can see the difference, people that don’t even know that I had the treatment came and asked me ‘what’s going on with your hair?’ And that gave me real satisfaction because someone that doesn’t know what you’re doing and recognizes the results, it’s pretty amazing so I just feel happy.”
             – Lori, Lincoln, Nebraska

From changes in lifestyle to intensive treatment programs and everything in-between, it all starts with a simple, no obligation consultation from the very best in the business. Hair Specialist of Lincoln, Nebraska has been working tirelessly to create the world’s most effective, affordable and accessible range of hair restoration techniques and treatment methods – all of which have the potential to breed genuinely life-changing outcomes.

A New Approach to Life
“Since having hair replacement from Hair Specialist in Lincoln Nebraska, it has changed my life by giving me more confidence to achieve new goals. It has given me a new approach to life.”
             – Dana, Hastings, Nebraska

As far as the team behind Female Hair Loss is concerned, the message is a relatively simple one. The days of having little choice other than to suffer in silence are long gone, as the world has entered an era where the once-impossible is now the everyday norm. All over the world, evefemale hair restoration
n the most devastating cases of premature hair loss are being halted in their tracks and in some cases even reversed. With so many avenues to explore and various hair loss treatments on the table, there’s simply no such thing as a lost cause when it comes to female hair loss.

Of course, those who decide to take action rather than simply accepting the hand they’ve been dealt stand the best possible chance of an extraordinary outcome. Hair Specialist of Lincoln, Nebraska offers no obligation free consultations, so there’s really nothing to lose and perhaps nothing short of a new life to gain.

More often than not, the key to restoring not only your hair but also your confidence might be both simpler and more affordable than you’d think.

About Hair Specialist of Lincoln Nebraska

Hair Specialists was first full service hair restoration clinic in Nebraska. Hair Specialist constantly strives to give you the freedom to choose the best solution that will absolutely be the best for you, your lifestyle, and budget.

For over 30 years, Hair Specialist of Lincoln Nebraska is Nebraska’s number one hair restoration and rejuvenation studio.