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VirtuesseWomen’s Non-Surgical Solutions
can be a great alternative to surgical hair transplantation procedures, especially if you are looking for immediate results.  Here at The Hair Specialists we offer the most popular non-surgical solutions that will even make you wonder if you have had hair restoration.

The solutions we provide are not simply wigs, hair pieces or “toupees,” they are the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art hair restoration solutions available that are designed and colored by our highly skilled stylists.

During your initial consultation, your image consultant and stylists will help you decide which solution works best for you and customize your system to fit your needs.  When you leave The Hair Specialists for the first time with your new incredible hair style, you will be brimming with confidence!

Women's Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair Loss Solutions For Women 

The truth is, hair loss in men and women is different.  Solutions designed for men may not achieve the same results for women. We have a wide variety of hair loss solutions designed exclusively for women.

Depending on the cause and condition of your hair loss, we can recommend options that will solve your hair loss issues. We offer every proven method of hair replacement from Surgical, Non-Surgical, and Laser Hair Therapy to hair Re-Growth products.  Our goal is a beautiful head of real hair for you!

Do not forget… You are not alone. We are here to help! If you have been dealing with hair loss but have yet to do anything about it, give us a call…. We are here to help.