Hair Loss in Women – Thinning Hair

Helen MirrenMost women (of any age) pride themselves on their appearance. Whether rich and famous like Helen Mirren or the woman next door, you can experience thinning hair. Hair follicles get smaller and smaller as we age and produce fine hairs that can’t be seen, giving the appearance of baldness. No woman wants to walk around with bald patches which detract from her overall appearance and draw attention to her imperfection…..imperfections that we all have.

Aging is the main cause for thinning hair in women going through menopause and in post-menopausal women as well. Also, the shrinking of oil glands cause dryness which damages the hair follicles and causes thinning and hair loss. Using chemicals and various other harsh hair products as well as excessive heat, bleaching and hair straightening cause hair to be brittle and break off. All of the above lead to thinning hair.

Dame Judi DenchLook at Helen Mirren, Dame Judy Dench and other senior ladies with beautiful hair and know that you too can look and feel just as good. There are many innovative, tried and true methods to restore your outer beauty to match your inner beauty and they are right at your finger tips. If you are experiencing age-related thinning of the hair and/or bald patches contact us for your free evaluation and learn more about how to be your most beautiful self. Age is just a number, not a bad hair day.