PROVEN HAIR SOLUTION. At Hair Specialists, our mission is to make your hair replacement treatment as simple, easy and successful as possible. We don’t pressure you into too-expensive options, and we don’t accept anything but great results.

Now you can have the hair you’ve always wanted. To the office, at home, work, play, the bathroom, the bedroom. If you suffer from the devastating effects hair loss, there’s no longer any reason to feel self conscious in public. Our caring, confidential hair loss counseling provides clients with the ability to make a fully informed decision on which hair loss treatment options are best for their particular hair loss problem or situation.

From the latest in Laser Hair Therapy, permanent hair replacement for men and women, and state-of-the-art microscopic follicular unit grafting for completely natural hair transplantation, our skilled artistic and technical team of surgical and non-surgical hair restoration professionals can create for you a sensational new look or a happy “welcome back” to your own favorite style.

Now you can shower, exercise, walk into the wind, apply for that promotion at work… all without worrying about your hair.