Are you fearful that the hair loss exhibited in your relatives will soon begin to manifest in your hair line? If so, you’re not alone! At the Hair Specialist we often hear from individuals who are concerned and taking a proactive approach to hair loss prevention. Is your hair loss something to be concerned about? Let’s take a closer look.

what you need to know about hair loss

How do you know if your hair loss is normal?

The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs a day. If you’re beginning to notice more hair than usual in your brush, on your pillow or in the shower drain, you may be experiencing the early signs of hair loss. Though hair loss becomes more prevalent as we age, some hair loss sufferers begin to see signs while still in their teens. Regardless of your age, or level of hair loss, your best defense is early intervention.

Why do we lose our hair?

Though every situation is different, some of the most common contributing factors to hair loss include:

  • Over-styling
  • Medications
  • Poor Diet
  • Genetics
  • Hormones

Hair Restoration

What are my options?

Thanks to modern advances in science and technology, we know a lot more about hair loss and hair restoration than ever before. In addition to making changes to your life-style, you also have a variety of hair restoration treatment options. Many of today’s leading hair restoration solutions are successfully stopping and even reversing the signs of hair loss. However we cannot stress the importance of early intervention enough. If you’re experiencing hair loss, now is the time to act!

Be Proactive –Don’t Delay

At the Hair Specialist we are proud to offer the world’s most advanced hair restoration solutions. We have the knowledge and expertise to outline a treatment plan customized to your individual needs. Don’t allow your advancing hair loss to continue untreated any longer. Take the steps today to ensure the health and integrity of your hair for years to come!

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