Recently I read an article called “Long Hair, Big Heart”. It was in Closer Magazine.
Christian McPhilamy
This was article about an 8 year old boy named Christian McPhilamy who grew out his hair. He was often teased and told that he looked like a girl. That didn’t bother Christian but because he has a huge heart he decided to donate his hair after he saw a public service announcement about children with cancer who had lost their hair due to treatments that caused baldness.

Christian asked his Mom to cut off 10 inches of his beautiful, healthy hair and donate it to a charity that provides free wigs for sick children.

Christian McPhilamyChristian is a hero and I’m sure that the kids who now have wigs made of his gorgeous, healthy hair are grateful. I know that I was touched by his kindness and wishing that more people would donate their hair to help others.

Below I have listed a web site that tells more about Christian’s story (pictures included) followed by a list of only a few organizations that provide this wonderful, generous free service to those who so desperately need it.

I hope that you read about Christian and think about this selfless act of kindness.

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