Where oh where did my thick hair go?

Thinning Hair Before and After

I am 72 years old and for my entire life my best feature was my extremely thick hair. My hair was so thick that I have broken numerous combs trying to manage it. I have been told by many hair stylists that I had “the thickest hair” they had ever seen. I could wear it up, down, braided or in a bun. Even when I had it cut into a Pixie it was easy to care for and very thick. You get the point, right? I had great hair.

During the past ten years I have been taking medication for slightly elevated blood pressure and other meds for various conditions. I have aged fairly well but have gained and lost weight and not always eaten a healthy diet. I use the cheapest hair products that I can find due to money constraints. I wondered if any of the above could have contributed to my once thick hair starting to thin out? The answer is yes.

First let me say that my hair has thinned on only one side (the left side) which makes it difficult to style it properly. I can no longer get my once always present bangs to fall across my entire forehead..they now lean to the right in a blob! I miss my bangs and I miss not having to pull handfuls of hair out of my drain whenever I wash my hair. I saw my doctor recently and asked him if he could give me a reason why my hair might be thinning and he listed the following:

  1. The medications that I was on
  2. My poor diet (which had to be improved for health reasons)

He didn’t know about the cheap hair products but I discovered that for myself while writing articles for the hair restoration industry.

I can’t stop taking the medication but I can eat better, watch my weight and buy products that don’t contain ingredients known to damage hair.

I can also look into getting some hair pieces or some other non-surgical procedure to help my hair look more even and prevent even more from falling out.

I have heard that many places offer free evaluations for possible solutions for my problem so I just may take advantage of those and stop feeling lopsided whenever I try to style my hair!